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Ask your government to support Ukraine and force sanctions against Russia & Belarus Info website from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, List of actual petitions, Schedule of Rallies around the World Please, don’t be silent 🙏

Support Ukrainian business. We have great craft brands and are proud of our entrepreneurs. Meet our **small businesses** and order online. It’s the best investment in our economy and our people ❤️

Stop doing any business with Russia and Russians: by paying them, you fuel the Russian army and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Inform CEOs in your company Force big international companies, culture, and sports organizations to ban Russia and stop doing any activity with it. Share this article on LinkedIn


<aside> 🇺🇦 DONATE AND HELP UKRAINE We are staying strong and will fight and protect our homeland. But will be thankful for your contribution and never forget your help! all funds are 100% trustful




The fastest options for donation by these links:

🇺🇦  army

Save Life


🇺🇦  ⛑️  army & humanitarian

**UA help via Monobank**

Donation in Crypto

⛑️  humanitarian help

NBU account

Help Ukraine


🇺🇦 Support Ukrainian Army

<aside> 🇺🇦 SaveLife in UA (Повертайся живим) Kyiv-based charity fund that helps the Ukrainian Army since 2014

<aside> 🇺🇦 KOLO Fast supply the essential equipment to our soldiers in hot spots Donate by credit card Donation via bank account


<aside> 🇺🇦 “Faine Misto” Fundraising from music festival to help strong and brave Defenders of Mariupol


<aside> 🇺🇦 **National Bank of Ukraine & Ministry of Defense **Fundraising Account for Ukrainian Army

<aside> 🇺🇦 **Donation via Monobank (in UAH) **Simple donation page to help Ukrainian Army


<aside> 🇺🇦 Army SOS Donations for the Ukrainian Army


⛑️ Charity and Aid to Ukrainians

<aside> 🙏 We kindly ask you don’t donate to Red Cross, they are working with Russian MFA. Also, it’s a large, corrupted, bureaucratic organization, that delivers very little to those in need. From every 1$ RedCross allocated for help only 30 cents (in the best case). The rest spending on advertising and lavish salaries ICRC management.

Please, donate to local funds, that prove their help in real cases:


<aside> 🇺🇦 National Bank of Ukraine Fundraising Account for Humanitarian Assistance to Ukrainians Affected by Russia’s Aggression

<aside> 🎒 Ukrainian Plast | Ukrainian Scouts Donation for medics and defense equipment PayPal Bank Account


<aside> 🩸 **Blood agents Patreon** community of blood donors in Ukraine PayPal Donation via credit card


<aside> 🧑‍🦽 Fight For Right assisting people with disabilities donation at the GoFundMe platform


<aside> 🐾 Donation to shelters and non-profit organizations that help animals Shelter Ugolyok UAnimals Happy paw


<aside> 🤝 “Kozhen mozhe” charity fund, assisting elderly people, children with disabilities, hospitals donation


<aside> 🆘 East-SOS Charity organization since 2014


<aside> 🕊️ Leleka foundation US-based charitable non-profit organization, which provides medical support. Donate


<aside> 🕊️ “Kryla Nadiyi” charity fund

Help children with illnesses

<aside> ⛑️ Medical fund Hospitallers (Госпітальєри) Volunteering medical organization
AID & Medicaments Technic


<aside> ⛑️ **Help Ukraine **Humanitarian and medical aid to Ukraine PayPal Credit Card donation


<aside> 📦 Nova Poshta Global Delivery operator provides humanitarian help from PL, USA, UK, DE, FR, TR to Ukraine

<aside> 🏫 Kyiv School of Economics Humanitarian help. Donate


<aside> 👩 Woman for Woman The organization that helps to women victims of domestic violence donation


<aside> 🏳️‍🌈 NGO organizations that assist the LGBT community in Ukraine KharkivPride - fast donation Fulcrum UA - donation&info


<aside> 🪙 Crypto Donations The ****Ministry of Digital Transformation in Ukraine launched crypto wallets for donations

<aside> 🇨🇦 Saint Javelin Project of Canadian journalist 100% from sales goes to funds which working with kids who have lost parents in the war


<aside> 🖥️ Humanitarian aid from MacPaw

Ukrainian IT company launched donation humanitarian program


🦾 Buy & Send Us Equipment

Our brave heroes desperately fight and protect their homeland. But they urgently need additional equipment. You can help us if you are abroad. It’s a significant contribution to the victory of the Ukrainian army

📍 Localized help and info from different countries